First Time Climbing in the Bugs

I'm creating this 3 years after the trip so can't recall all the details of what we climbed, when we climbed. Didn't document things as well as I normally do and some of the descriptions may be a bit off. In total I think we spent 6 days, we did 4 climbs, a day of hiking, and a day of something else, maybe resting?


Applebee hangs and McTech Arete

Pigeon Spire, and Crescent Towers

Climbed pigeon spire and 'Ears Between', went on a hike one day, then climbed something else but can't totally recall what that was.

Time to go home :(

When our food supply ran out it meant it was time to head home. One last beautiful hike down before we had to get in the car for a long drive.