Yuval Boss

(he/him) | Machine Learning Engineer @ NOAA/CICOES

Welcome to my new website! I’ve decided I no longer want to be paying $5/month to host my old custom site that I used to think looked cool. Now that github.io is a thing I’d be a fool to use anything else. Additionally I no longer have to work with a node.js server or write javascript(which is a very good thing).

A lot has happened since I last kept a website up to date. I went to school, graduated, and got a job doing some stuff that I find very interesting. For a less vague explanation check out my résumé.

I’m currently working as the lead ML developer at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center’s Marine Mammal Lab. I develop models and methods for real time detection and classification in aerial surveys. Infrared and color cameras are mounted on-board the plane and stream at ~3fps. The images collected are very large meaning that achieving real time inference has been very challenging. Other major challenges I work on are related to the large amount of data collected, the complexity of combining different data sources in an ml workflow, the small size of animals in the images, and the issues that emerge with partially labeled or poorly labeled data.

Some of the interesting directions we have taken or are experimenting with:

  • Methods of fusing multispectral data to improve small object localization and classification.
  • Semi-supervised learning approaches for large, partially labeled, and extremely sparse datasets.
  • Ensemble approaches for picking up missing labels.
  • Robust and reproducible data pipelines which enable the continuous learning cycle as we train models, collect more data through surveys, and update models.
  • Labeling workflow for sparse aerial data.
  • Computer vision approaches for automatically detecting bad images in older data that used an uncooled infrared camera system.
An example from a seal detector I developed for color imagery.

Some awesome and open source tools that I’ve found to vastly improve quality of life:

  • Luigi - In my opinion the best pipeline framework of the many I’ve tried
  • Darknet - Definitely AlexyAB’s fork
  • SQLAlchemy

Outside of work I enjoy the beautiful nature we have here in the PNW. In the drier months I spend most of my free time climbing at Index, Washington Pass, or on many other rocks that can be found in Washington. While in Seattle I’m often at the UW Rock, a training mecca and rendezvous for city monkeys.

UW Rock, Spring 2017
El Capitan under a night sky, the header image from my old site <3

Check out my trip reports to read about some of these adventures.

Also, I used to play a lot of chess and trying to get back into it. If you play send me a challenge on lichess!