Setnet Fishing in Bristol Bay

The Beach

My fifth season fishing in Egegik, Alaska for the Bergamaschi clan. Another incredible season in the bag!

"Why would I spend 30k on a car... that rolls on the ground..?" - David

We hadn't been fishing for a week because we were closed and the cabin fever was getting bad. We were very grateful when my bosses friend David flew in for a visit on the beach. He took Tom and I on a day trip in his plane to King Salmon to grab some groceries for his kid who was working for another fisherman on the beach. We flew a scenic route which I'd not seen before and it was very cool after many years on the beach to see what was on the beach past Big Creek.

Three mind blowing days in Katmai National Park

A few days before heading home the whole crew headed to Katmai for the day! We all spent the day together, saw an insane amount of fish jumping over a waterfall and bears feasting. Brian was awesome and let Ilana and I spend the last two days in Katmai while the rest of the crew headed back to the beach to fish a few more tides then close up. I still feel bad for leaving everyone for the difficult last couple days, but had such an incredible few days with Ilana, the bears, and the mountains.