Vietnam - The Scenic Route
(Spring 2015)

Riding was a freedom. Vietnam is dramatically beautiful. Mountains shoot out of the ground bearing vertical limestone cliff sides. The roads wind through rice terraces, cross mountainous bridges, and span the seaside.

Riding a 110cc Honda Win, named Diva, I rode over 3200km cross country. For the majority of the way  I followed a road called the Ho Chi Minh road, a two lane, easily accessible, and well paved road. It spans the length of Vietnam, winding up and down beautiful through mountains, bringing me to many incredible places.

I'd never driven a motorbike bike before this. It was a really crazy thing to do, it probably wasn't the smartest or safest idea, but it was undoubtedly worth it.

This is not a guide, but a semi-edited collection of my journal entries as I motorbiked from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh.

It is now 2017, two years later, and I am very excited to finally share my journal, photos, and memories of this incredible journey.

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