Spring Climbing in Washington

Spring 2017


Not many photos, but got out quite a lot in the spring this year. It's cold but the rock is crisp and sticky, perfect sending conditions. The occasional snow flurry is quite special while up on the walls.

Looking over from Roger's Corner early spring - IndexA beautiful view across Lake Washington on the way to Index - Snowy mountains around the town - Another weekend at INDEX! - Atop the route Japanese Gardens, very awesome climbing, one of the best at LTW - StokedMore Index -

Snow Creek Wall, Leavenworth WA

Climbed Hyperspace for my third time with Cooper. Was stoked to nearly send the psychopath pitch(fell once, but not even at a hard part). The upper pitches are always wild, and Cooper was pretty impressed when he saw the pressure chamber for the first time. It is quite an intense position to be in.

Cooper following the Pressure Chamber pitch - Snow Creek WallSomewhere not far from the summit - The view from across the valley - Incredible views, incredible climbing - Looking up at the flakes under the shield.  RAD!! - Fallen tree - As always, we were welcomed up top by a goat - Cooper hanging out, resting before heading back down - The descent of Snow Creek wall isn't too bad - The pressure chamber vs Cooper's water bottle -

Climbing season has arrived!

Late spring, the rain really starting to fade away now, lots of weekend out at Exit 32, Vantage, Smith, and even a few in Squamtown!

Good ol' Husky Rock - Early spring, still coldSomeone left a nice surprise up on Husky Rock - I found Batman!Wet weekend climbing at exit 32 with Cooper - Visited Ilana's family in Berlkely.  Also my first time in the Bay area.  Amazing trip and even checked out Indian Rock! - BerkelyOn the first day of summer the rock is the place to be. - Spring at Husky RockWeekend out at Vantage with the roomates - Frenchman Coulee - Tree climbing around UW - Got a solid three days of climbing in mid March.  Also met up with two good friends from back in Maine who were out west climbing and skiing. - Trip to Smith!The classic Smith shot - Lunch in the Smoke Bluffs lot -  - THE CHIEF!!Wandering around the boulder fields under the Chief - Big boulders

Hiking & Camping close to home

Mt Washington, Si, Mailbox, and some camping with my house mates out on the peninsula! Some snow in Seattle, and the spring cherry trees blooming on UW's campus :)

Summit of Mt. Washington - HikingSummit of Mt. Washington - Montlake Bridge after some snow - Not far from Port Angeles, we set up our tents along the coast. - Sunlodger goes campingBeautiful coastline - Salt Creek Recreation AreaChecking out the tide pools, lots of wildlife to be seen -  -  - Hendrix was spotted - Night out on the hillUW is a beautiful campus - Tourism comes to town