Summer backpacking in the Olympic National Park

August 9 - 13, 2017

Day 1 - Dosewallips TH to Dose Forks

We left the car from the Dosewallips trail head at around 1pm, leaving another car at the Duckabush river trailhead for when we finished the hike. The road for the first few miles had been washed away so we had a bit extra hiking to do. After roughly 10 miles, we stopped and set up camp at the 'Dose Forks' campground. We found a sweet spot by the river to pitch the tents. The site had an outhouse in decent condition along with a bear wire to hang food.

 - Mi madre y padre leaving the TH lot - Mile 1 of 50 -  -  -  - Good lookin' team - Camp 1 : Dose Forks -  - Found a great site by the water - Filtering some water with mi madre from the blue glacial melt.  Tastes so good - Yum -  - Bear wire at Dose Forks campground

Day 2 - Up to Anderson Glacier

We hiked roughly 10 more miles to Camp Siberia, just a few miles from the Anderson Glacier. We got to camp quite early and decided to make a trip up to Anderson Glacier. Hiking up to the glacier took about an hour and we finally past the tree line. Beautiful wild flowers everywhere, peaks all around, and ofcourse the glacier and alpine lake up top. It was quite stunning up there.

 -  -  - Small lake on the way up to the glacier -  - Hiking up to Anderson glacier -  -  -  - Even got an FA near the top - Climbing - Peaks!!! -  - Really beautiful but climate change has taken a toll - Brother Itai and I up top on Anderson -  -  - Lake on the hike up to the glacier - Heading back down to the campground

Day 3 - Through Anderson pass to O'Neill Pass then along the upper Enchanted Valley to Marmot Lake

Probably has to be my favorite day of the trip. You get above the tree line, go through two incredible mountain passes, and follow the Enchanted Valley from above. Across the valley you could see 3000ft waterfalls bouncing around the walls, ice caves, and plenty more. The landscape was quite open, the trail cuts through the mountainsides and meadows. We hiked about 12 miles and camped at Marmot Lake. It was the buggiest campsite by far, but a cool alpine lake made up for it. The next morning I woke up and first thing, swam in the lake. A refreshing way to start the day.

 - Off to the Enchanted Valley - Started off by hiking up Anderson Pass -  - Atop Anderson pass -  - Beautiful views from the pass -  - Ilana and I on a beautiful day! -  - Hiking with my mom down the other side of Anderson pass - Enchanted Valley - Beautiful valley views as we head towards O'Neill pass -  -  - Ilana hiking through O'Neill pass - Shot of my parents a bit behind in beautiful O'Neill pass -  -  - Incredible views - Tons of wildflowers this time of year -  -  - Ilana! -  -  -  - Berry picking with Ilana :) -  -  -  -  - Even some snow caves on the other side of O'Neill Pass -  - Can see the trail cutting along the whole mountain side above the Enchanted Valley

Day 4 - Heading back East along the Duckabush river

We hiked some 16 miles and set up camp at a nice place along Duckabush river. Back down in the trees but still really beautiful. Quite tired when we finished this day.

Woke up and took a dip in Marmot lake - Best way to wake up - Alpine swimming - Best. Morning. Ever. - Back down in elevation, along the Duckabush river - Tal crossing one of many small streams -  - Back down in the woods -  -

Day 5 - Four miles to the car!

Woke up and headed back to the car. Felt like the longest 4 miles ever. Too focused on finishing to take any pictures. Got to the car, drove to the ferry, and at a large Burger with a beer to celebrate!